Cold Packs Or Hot Wraps

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*Feel the Heat for Pain Relief*

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Happy July!

But that's not all--you will also receive a FREE Cool Wrap with your order to keep you cool this summer!

These Cooling Bandanas are made with specialized beads that provide a cooling effect.  Instructions included. 

Great for outdoor work!

Soothing, weighted heat bags are great for pain relief , to relax tired muscles, relieve stress, or warm up those cold feet! 

Any of our microwavable corn bags can also be used as cold packs by placing the bag in the freezer for 4 hours or overnight.

We also offer other types of cold packs

Our other cold packs or cool wraps work by using a therapy gel or expanding crystals to provide pain relief from injuries such as pulled muscles, and torn ligaments.


Filled with non-toxic expanding crystals, when soaked in cool water it creates a cooling effect that will intensify if put in a refrigerator.

Soak in cold water, and wrap around your neck or forehead. They will stay cool up to an hour. These bags can be used over and over again.

32 oz. refrigerant gel in a reusable, leak proof, sealed
poly bag that comes with a hand-crafted cover in your choice
of fabric color. The gel stays colder than ice
and is dependable, durable, reusable, non-toxic, and food safe.
These will reach a temperature of 30 F.

Gel Pack
Relief from swelling, pain, and fever.

No More Messes
Puts an end to messy ice bags
and soggy towels.

Fits Body Contours
Filled with a non-toxic silica gel that remains pliable throughout treatment.

Pictured without a fabric cover

4 Cool Wraps
2" x 34"
Assorted Colors
COLOR Sale:$10.99

2 Cool Wraps
2" x 34"
Assorted Colors
COLOR Sale:$5.99

6" x 18"
Cool Wrap
With Divider
COLOR Sale:$7.99

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Other Fabric Colors

8" x 8"
Cold Pack Cover
with a 32 oz.
refrigerant gel pack

COLOR Sale:$10.99

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Other Fabric Colors

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