Get A Full Set - You Won't Regret It

by Kim

I'm a repeat customer, this will be my third - and most complete - set of cornbags.

I had double major surgery just a year and a half ago in the winter, and the larger bag helped tremendously with the surgical pain as well as with the heat against the cold. I still have scarring pain, and the corn bags are a must.

I've also arthritis in my hands and joints, and sometimes in my office it is so cold that even my spine aches terribly. The corn bags have been invaluable there, as well. Also, a coworker - a disabled vet - has been having some severe neck pain, so I let her take my U-shaped neck warmer corn bag. She absolutely loves it. I think I know what I will give her for her next birthday.

Thank you for creating such a versatile and wonderful product.

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