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Microwave Corn Bag Heating Pads Are Made To Be The Very Best Heat Bags

Proudly Made in the USA

Hand-Crafted in  Tennessee

"Feel the Heat for Pain Relief"

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Soothing, weighted heat bags are great for pain relief , to relax tired muscles, relieve stress, or warm up those cold feet! 

The best heating pads ease pain

 Heat will dilate the blood vessels surrounding the painful area which increases blood flow and provides additional oxygen and nutrients to help heal damaged muscle tissue.

Heat also gives off a stimulating sensation to the skin and therefore decreases the pain signals being transmitted to the brain increasing the flexibility of soft tissues surrounding the injured area, including muscles and connective tissue

Every type of physical pain has a need for heat to relax

Unfortunately, there are still medical people and laypeople who think that a long-term pain problem is to make sure it’s not “all in your head.”

Our objective has been to give you a powerful alternative heating pad that is designed to last for years without an unknown filler as some other heating bags that are sold commercially

Made To Be Flexible And Conform To Body

Microwavable corn heating pads produce portable heat which may be applied as needed at home, work, or while traveling. Some physicians recommend alternating heat packs and ice for relief.

Corn Bags always provide the best reusable heating pads for body aches and pain 

Order A Corn Bag For The Best Microwavable Heating Pad 

 The facts show the best reusable all natural microwave heating pads are made of 100% breathable cotton fabrics along with all natural triple cleaned and microwaved whole kernel corn. 

"Feel The Heat For Pain Relief"

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"Feel the Heat for Pain Relief"