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Find Relevant Links And Resources For Several Things Other Than Heating Pads

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All orders with a subtotal over $ 15.99 will have a FREE corn bag ($10.99 value) automatically included with your shipment! 

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We want to do our part to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. So we are now offering 2 new styles of face masks at a discounted price.

See our new selections !  Only $ 5 each while they last.

Soothing, weighted heat bags are great for pain relief , to relax tired muscles, relieve stress, or warm up those cold feet! 

Information Guide

Handmade jewelry

Help's spread ministry and Jesus' atonement for us on the cross

Soap and candle message board 

A message board for soap making, candle making and other crafts

Guide to Nursing and Convalescent Homes

Comprehensive guide to the questions you need to ask for loved ones

Bamboo Inspiration

Resources and guides on bamboo plants, crafts, and more

Knitting Instructions For Beginners

Easy Knitting Instructions For Beginners of all ages

A passion for the word of God

"Roles as leaders of man kind."

Find Relevant Links And Resources For Several Things Other Than Heating Pads

Order A Corn Bag For The Best Microwavable Heating Pad 

 The Facts   Show The Best Reusable All Natural Microwave Heating Pads Are Made Of 100% Breathable Cotton Fabrics Along With All Natural Triple Cleaned And Microwaved Whole Kernel Corn. 

"Feel The Heat"

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