My hands are now believers!

by Bradley Helton
(Salyersville, KY)

I just wanted to say at first glance I thought this was a joke. After receiving my hand warmer corn bags I was very skeptical. Popped them in the microwave for 1 minute and my hands couldn't be any happier while I work.

They stay warm for a considerably long time, and can be re-heated time and time ago once they have cooled off.

I work in an office 12 hrs. a day in cool temperatures on a laptop. My fingers get cold and ache, and my wrists and elbows do too. I have some recurring RMI in my elbows and forearms and let me tell you these little corn filled bags work amazingly. They get my fingers toasty warm and I use it as a wrist rest and it warms my entire arm up when I'm having to use my mouse.

It's a great buy and now I am a believer!

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